Rodrigo Brand - [ Beauty ]
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[ Beauty ]


Beauty is the only thing that matters

If you can grasp what beauty really means

The gentle touch of a couple’s lips

The phases of the moon in the dark night

The universe reflected in someone’s eyes

Their dreams and aspirations

Against the brutal reality of the world

Beauty is always there

For those that are not blind

Deaf and gagged by…

Beauty is there, in lines

Written by poets and playwrights

In music, in movies, in sculptures, in paintings, in art

In… a pecan pie

Beauty is

In the morning dew upon the grass

In every sunset and in every sunrise

In the ebb and flow of the tides

In the waves against the shore

In footsteps on the sand

[ can you hear it? ]

The rover tracks on the Moon and Mars

The stars, forever fireworks in the sky

For all of us to see


Beauty is… in you and me

Every time a child is born

Every time someone passes away

Even in violence, in horror

[ can you see it? ]

The passage of time

The whole cycle of life

Like a river, that never stops

Beauty finds a way

It is always there

In tears, in laughter

In the singing of a bird

Poetry, a special intensity

The motion of the world

[ can you feel it? ]

It is beautiful

It exists… for you and me

It is the only thing that can make you whole

For it’s there, even if you don’t know

Beauty is the invisible

The space in between

Life, its creation and destruction


Beauty is at your reach

Underneath all the pain

Underneath all the sorrow

In the fall, in the winter

In the summer, in the spring

You can find it

If you find what is to have a soul

Really means .

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