Rodrigo Brand - Cigarettes
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Melvin rolls over, puts his boxers on. Laura puts her panties on, leans against the headboard, looks for something.

– So…

– m hum.

– Yeah.

– Where’s…

– We had fun last night, right?

– Fuck.

– I mean, it was really really fun.

–  It was right here.

– I think we look good together. Some people told me too.

– I know I have it.

– What I’m trying to say is…

– Have you seen it?

– What?

– My cigarettes.

– I think we have a chance together, you and I.

– What about my cigarettes?

– I have it, I put it in my pockets.

– Oh. Great. I thought I lost it.

– No, I have it.

– Perfect. So?

– I think I have feelings for you.

– Give it to me.

– My feelings??

– No! The cigarettes!

– Okay, okay, here.

– Thanks.

– But what about…

– Time to go.

– What?

– C’mon, c’mon, don’t forget your shoes.

– Wait, wait…

– Here, pants, shirt…. Oh, socks!

– Wait, I’m talking about love here!



– Can I smoke it?

– What?

– Exactly.

– Wait, you gonna throw me out like this??

– Bye-bye.

– Hey! Don’t you like me? Don’t you want to… Waaaaaaaaaaaaait

Door closes. Laura grabs a cigarette, puts in her mouth. She looks for something.

– Where’s…             Fuck! Meeeeeeeeeelviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!!!!!

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