Rodrigo Brand - Don't mind the poetry
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Don’t mind the poetry


The sound of ice against the bottom of his glass. No whiskey left. The empty counter and a few people minding their own business. The TV on and those news. Those very old news. The world repeating itself. Religion. Sex. Violence. Bombs and shots fired. Take cover, my friend. The world is swallowing itself. Another siren. Another helicopter. Bullet shells. Blood sells. How did we get here? Footsteps on the sand. No tracks. Although history books fill ours shelves. Who will get the last laugh? Muslims. Christians. Buddhists. Atheists. Killing in the name of… [ never mind ] Stakes. Fire. Crosses. Death by firing squad. Diseases. Starvation. What? No one is to blame. We’re all good people, my friend. We’re all good men. Another dollar and the jukebox plays again. That broken record. That same old tune. And I ask myself: what are we doing here? Drinks. Parties. Steak and fries. Let’s have some wine. Weed. Unwind. Just a bit. Watch a concert. Watch a game. To kick it. Away. Everything is… ‘away’. Not my problem, darling. Not my problem, love. I mind my own business. It’s not my business. Someone else’s business. Cha-ching. I have my own problems. You have your own problems. And after all, everything shall… Pass. I pass. You pass. We fold. But the world… Well, it keeps spinning, love. The house is open. The chips have to keep rolling. A bet? I bet. All in. Another one is coming. Old wars. New wars. And here we go. Again. [ Are we frozen in time? ] No one lets it go. No apologies. — Let’s start over. Let us start over. Maybe in some other planet. The virtual world. Where everything is perfect. Where everything is alright. It’s okay. It’s fine. Don’t mind the tears. It’s the selfie that counts. [ Is everything alright? ] Let’s have some coffee, shall we? And forget. What if we could forget? Those old scars. Those old wars. Those thorns. I hope you pardon my manners. I hope you understand. My background. My past. The cultural differences. I hope you accept. Where I come from. What I’ve been through. How about you? Tell me. Something. A secret. Something you never told anyone. Share something with me. Please. Something that is gonna change my world. Something that might change the world. I beg you. I need a change. TV is not doing it anymore. Cigarettes don’t taste the same and my glass is empty. My soul craves. [ Can you feel it? ]. Here it comes again. Another wave. Please. Can you help a poor man? I really need some change. And don’t avoid the question. I’m just asking. I just wanna know. What are we doing here? Besides our errands and chores. And why are we still [ the same? ] Fuck. It happened again. Another shot. Tequila. Jack, Jhonnie and Jose. Just another kid dead. It’s okay. He was black anyway. Hispano. Just a few knew his name. I apologize. Don’t mind the periods. Don’t mind the gap. Don’t mind the constant repetition. You didn’t deserve this, but it’s war, baby. ‘We can’t live without that’. It’s just casualties. Collateral damage. Hey, look at the bright side. Business is booming, so it’s okay. It’s dope. It’s dough. Killing in the name of… I won’t say [ $$$$$ ] Let’s pray. Our thoughts and prayers. And go back to our days. Again, I am sorry. I apologize. For interrupting. There is work to be done. It was not my intention. To take you from your way. It’s just that…. I can’t wait. For that new Era. You see? TV and Movies… They ruined me. They showed me a different place. They showed me the promised land. People united. Peace. Happiness. Possibilities. Smiles all around. I guess it was all just a propaganda, but– [ Wait ] [ Someone is coming in ] [ Fuck, he has a gun ] [ I guess I’m the next in line now ] .

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