Rodrigo Brand | The Door
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The Door


Thomas pulls back the covers of his bed. He lies comfortably, letting his body sink into the mattress. The weight of his eyelids is more than he can bear. He fights them not. Slowly but surely the darkness will come and Thomas is ready for the passage. In one final effort he pulls the covers on top of him, preparing himself to immerse… body, mind and soul, in deep sleep. It is a perfect night. No disturbance. No sirens, no sound of cars, no sound of people, no noise whatsoever. The blinds are slightly opened, but only the light reflected on the surface of the moon makes into the bedroom giving it a perfect owl-light.

A second goes by, Thomas is still there. Something is off. Something is missing. He opens his eyes, turns his head towards the entrance of the bedroom. There it is: The door is still open.

Outside, the vastness of darkness. Thomas hesitates for a split second but, he knows. C’mon Thomas, it will be quick. One final task. One final action. He gets up and heads towards the door. He closes it. There. That familiar sound. “Click”. He’s safe. Back to bed.

Thomas repeats the ritual. He lies comfortably… he pulls the covers up to his chest…  he closes his eyes. Ah… the satisfaction. He’s ready to go, he’s ready to let go. He’s ready to enter the World of the Gods. The unfathomable journey into the World of Dreams.

Houston… we’re good to go, we’re ready for countdown. 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. 0…

Silence. Something is wrong. Thomas is still there. What is it now? What could it be? Once again, he opens his eyes. He looks down. Ha! His feet are exposed! He smiles and adjusts the covers, makes himself a burrito, surrounding his feet, legs and torso into the thick safety of fabric. As he does… his peripheral vision notices darkness in the background. What?

He lifts his torso. He notices that the door… is fully opened. But… Thomas is sure he closed the door. He’s sure he heard the “click”. We cannot hear the clock but a second goes by, and another one, and another one, and another one.

Thomas pushes the covers away. He comes to the side of the bed, eyes locked with the door. Outside, just darkness. Pitch black. Hesitant, he places both feet on the floor. He then stands up and faces that portal to the outside world. Finally, he walks, firm, in a fast pace, masquerading his fears, as men often do. He pushes the door shut. Again the “click” sound. The door is closed.

Thomas doesn’t go away this time. He reaches for the door, touches it. He makes sure the door is shut without a doubt, locked, in place. It is. Suddenly Thomas touch takes a will of its own, it becomes… gentle. His fingertips try to… “feel” the door. Sympathize with it. Is the door alive? Does it want to say something?

Thomas presses his whole palm against it. Then the other one. He approaches his ear, leaning against the cold material. He listens. – Tell me.

Nothing. The door says… nothing. Ha! What was he thinking? That the door would… say anything? C’mon Thomas, it’s just a door. It’s just… a door – he assured himself.

A smile of relief comes to his face. His heart once again in a normal pace. He turns around, heads back to bed. Mid-step a sound echoes through the room. Thomas blood runs cold. He knows that sound. He heard it before – the sound of wood… squeaking.

Thomas freezes in place. He stays still. Like prey when a predator is around. Only his chest moves noticeably. He tries to control it. Breathe in… breathe out. No need to panic, it’s just your imagination. Thomas looks at the clock at the nightstand. 2:03 am. Wow. It is late. He needs to go to bed. He needs his sleep. Are you ready, Thomas?

Thomas closes his eyes. He turns around. He then unveils himself. The door is fucking open. Fuck! – thinks Thomas. I’ll have none of this. I’ll put locks on you if needed be!

Thomas steps forward reaching once again for the door. It’s then that something moves in the background, in amidst the darkness! A figure, a silhouette, something!


Outside, beyond the door, beyond the safety of the bedroom.

There is no one here besides you, Thomas – he assures himself, there’s no one here besides you.

Thomas considers, something needs to be done. He steps forward, towards the darkness. Step by step he moves beyond the boundaries of the room, beyond the boundaries that keep him safe.

The living room is supposed to be a familiar place, but not tonight. Thomas doesn’t recognize the shapes in the darkness. And silence… silence is an enemy now. It will take a minute or two for his eyes to adapt. He waits. Inside his chest his heart pounds, heavy. He wonders if it can be heard.

There. He can distinguish some shapes now. He can almost see. Where are you? – whoever you are.

Nothing. There’s nothing there. There’s no one there, Thomas… There’s no one there but you. Relief.

Click. “Click”?? What in the world?

Thomas rushes to the bedroom! It’s just a few steps away. Wait. The door is closed. The door is… CLOSED.

In an impulse Thomas reaches for the knob. But then an electrical current crosses his spine. He pauses. As careful as one can be he turns the knob. It might have taken a whole minute or two. There. It is opened. Thomas pushes the door, gently, carefully. A breeze would have a similar effect. The door moves, revealing the room.

Thomas stays there for a second, by the door. He’s not sure but he thinks… Are his eyes deceiving him? Could it be? It seems like… No… It seems like there’s someone in the bed. Something. A figure. Under the covers.


Thomas enters. He measures his step. Each one of them, as he approaches the bed. Like a cat.

Thomas comes next to the bed, next to the… whoever or whatever it is. His or… its “body” turned away. Tucked. Like a burrito.

Thomas slowly reaches for the covers. Slowly. So slow one could say time is frozen. What the fuck could it–

Suddenly, before Thomas can touch the covers, the thing TURNS, startled by something!

Thomas’ face is just panic now. He steps back. His jaw collapses. Tears comes to his eyes. It’s like he’s seeing a… GHOST!

In the bed… Thomas is frozen in place, eyes locked, staring at the door.

Fuck! – he thinks – The goddamn door is open again!

  • Paulo Roque
    Posted at 06:51h, 15 March Reply

    Gostei muito

  • Leilani Smith
    Posted at 15:40h, 14 March Reply

    I started reading with the music turned on…perfection!!!

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