Rodrigo Brand - The Dream
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The Dream


It was strange. I was in this place and the first thing I noticed was that I was… limited. Restrained. Contained.

And I couldn’t remember anything. Anything at all. I tried and tried but I couldn’t. I simply… Nothing. It was weird. Cloudy. I was… grasping.

Sounds. I had to communicate by sounds. So ineffective. I would make sounds and others like me would make sounds and we had to interpret these sounds in order to communicate with each other. But… even weirder… The others like me…  They were all me. In different ways, doing different things but… all the same. Still, I couldn’t see what was within them. I could only know the one me so it felt like they were different, they were something else.

Crazy. And I had to replace myself. My Self would… deteriorate. I would lose parts of myself. Constantly. I had to continually put more Self in. But it wasn’t enough. My Self would not be the same Self. It would change with time, it would… Decay. So… unfamiliar.

And I could see that everything was there. The whole Universe. All the dimensions, all the possibilities, everything. Infinite. But I couldn’t go anywhere. I was stuck, I was trapped.

And I would have… feelings. I would feel everything. Like I was connected by strings. When anything moved it would move me as well. A roller coaster of motions throughout space and time. Everything there was shattered in different pieces.

Oh, feelings. What an intense… sensation. They would come and go and some of them… like pain… there was so much of it. So much sorrow and sadness and… desperation. What a crazy ride. Love and joy were there too but… The Me there was so confused. All the Me’s there were so confused. That… body, that vessel, it’s so… primitive.

The speed was different too. Slow motion. I could see the events coming and unfolding. It would take forever for what is to be.  And it would go on and on like what it feels to be forever. A constant repetition over and over and over again multiplied by all the Me’s there until…

Until the vessel couldn’t take Me any longer. It would just… Stop. So… fragile. So… ephemeral.


I see it now. So… beautiful, so… frail. It was all just a dream.

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