Rodrigo Brand - [ This is not a poem ]
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[ This is not a poem ]

This is not a poem
This is only calculation
Mathematics, Biology, History
Literature, Physics, Geography
This is scientific
And religious
This is why I believe in possibilities
How little things can become big things
How change can come from within
How you can turn yourself around
And do some…thing
If not for others, for yourself
But even when you do something only for yourself
You affect the world around you
You become the change
And then you do change
You infect others
You become contagious
And then everything changes…
If you read a page a day
If you write a page day
If you learn a song a day
If you kiss your significant other once a day
And let’s say…
If you commit yourself
To one good deed a day
To plant one tree a day
To learn something new
Or to try something out
To test yourself
To excel yourself
To explore your fears
To fail
To fall
To get up
And try it again
Once a day
Only once a day
That’s what I say
A small thing
Calculate with me…
By the end of one year
You will have read 365 pages
Written 365 pages
Learned 365 songs
Kissed 365 times
Created 365 future shades
And you’ll have brought oxygen
For you… and me
For everyone around you
You’ll have exceled
And loved, in a different way,
You don’t need anyone to tell you what to do
You don’t need no government, no NGO
It’s a small thing, I know
And even if you don’t do it once a day
Even if it takes a week or a month
Still you can count
That by the end of your life
You’ll have achieved something
Something great
That’s what I believe
That you can do anything
Small or big
And even if you do it badly
At least you did
It will be one more tree
One more hug
One more kiss
One more good deed
To make this world a better place for all of us to live in
And isn’t that some kind of… beautiful poetry?

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  • Leilani Smith
    Posted at 12:03h, 17 April Reply

    Beautious…brought me to tears…because poetry… <3

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